Hannah Doran is the paparazzis’ dream: a perfect pedigree (wild child of a famous Hollywood producer and his gorgeous society wife, who died mysteriously in her prime); perfect friends (A-list movie stars and celebutantes); and a perfect fall from grace (convicted of grand theft after a night of glamorous excess).

But that's not the truth—or at least not what Hannah remembers. Hannah is smart, loyal . . . and, she insists, innocent of the crime that landed her in prison. She’s now fiercely determined to make something of her life.

But it’s hard to recast yourself when everyone has a stake in your old role: her strange former cellmates, her ruthless father, a female studio exec with dark secrets and a handsome photographer with his own demons to slay. And as Hannah begins to uncover her family’s hidden past, it puts her own life in high jeopardy.


Hardcover publication date:  11/1/2015         BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB and MYSTERY GUILD BOOK CLUB

“I love The Producer’s Daughter! The characters are fascinating and believable, the story is edgily surprising, and the read is deliciously addicting!"  —IndieBooks bestselling author Sarah Lovett 
"An exciting and engaging story from a Hollywood insider. You'll find yourself rooting for the good guys and booing the bad guys."  —Edgar award-winning author S.J. Rozan